Logo Design
at KLD

Welcome to KLD, we hope we can help you with your logo project!

Here you can find information on how the logo design process works, what your options are, and how much a logo design can cost.

Lets look at this from some common scenarios we see:

1) I need a logo I can use for my business card and one page website.

If the only place your customers will see your logo is your business card and a one page website, maybe a fancy logo isn’t worth the investment right now. Instead of a full logo process, we can design some good looking type for your short term needs. We can show you a variety of options, work with you to select one and get you files you can use.

2) I have a sketch for a logo, I just need someone to clean it up and deliver professional files.

Everyone’s sketches are different. Even what seem like simple ideas will take time to draw up, show variations on it, review with you, and get you final files. Send us your sketch and we’ll get you a price. We may also have suggestions on how in can be improved.

3) Our business must make a good impression with our clients.

This is the scenario where KLD can make a huge impact on your business.

Maybe you need to have professional credibility because what you do is very valuable and important to your clients. Or you are promoting the business in many ways, over a variety of media. Or you are in a crowded marketplace where having a distinct and unique logo will lift you above your competitors.

These are the scenarios when your company should invest in a quality logo that will work in many situations, last for years, and build your reputation in the community.