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Running a graphic design company requires recruiting excellent talent to deliver creative solutions day in and day out.


Kyle Loranger


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Kyle Loranger, Owner

Since opening the studio in 1994, Kyle has worked with hundreds of clients to deliver elegant and impactful communications. From logos to advertising, publications to websites, he has delighted his clients with the clarity he brings to every meeting, and knowing just what to do to make a message more powerful.

As a designer with huge curiosity, being a studio principal has given him endless opportunities to go behind the scenes in all kinds of businesses and see how the world really works. His most gratifying moments in business have been seeing clients benefit from his designs and advice.

Kyle graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD). He and his wife Leanne have two growing boys and a basement covered in Lego.


Ashley LaBuick


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Ashley LaBuick

Lead Developer, Designer

Since joining KLD in 2013, Ashley has been working on web development and has become KLD’s Web Queen for all things WordPress. Full of energy, and always up for a challenge, Ashley makes things happen. She has been the design and development lead on some of our most complex projects.

Ashley is a graduate of the MacEwan Design Program, does regular CrossFit training, is vegetarian (and GF), and loves, loves, loves her two cats Thomas and Loki.


Natika Culham


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Natika Culham, B.DES.
Lead Designer

Natika joined KLD in 2014 and often leads our print design projects. She has succeeded in taking on our most complex projects, such as the Responsible Investment Annual Report for AIMCo, donor and identity projects for the Royal Alex Hospital Foundation and identity and website design for the newly founded Edmonton Women’s Initiative. Natika has a passion for women’s issues, and ‘found her people’ at the inaugural Edmonton Women’s Initiative conference this past October.

Natika is originally from B.C., and has lived all over western Canada before settling in Edmonton. She graduated from the University of Alberta Design Program in 2014, and is a mean cribbage player.